20 October 2008

Look out for Beth's Birthday Blog Train

To celebrate a good friend and fellow designers birthday we areDoing a blog train,
This train will depart on the 26th October and visit 22 destinationsbefore arriving back at Beths blog on the 15th November,
Here is the list of designers that are taking part in this train.
Be sure to pay each of them a visit,
Sunday Oct 26th BuiltByBeth http://builtbybeth.blogspot.com/
Monday Oct 27th JennyzDreamz http://www.jennyzdreamz.blogspot.com/
Tuesday Oct 28th BuiltByBeth http://builtbybeth.blogspot.com/
Wednesday Oct 29th Sharon Becker http://sharonbeckercreations.blogspot.com/
Thursday Oct 30th Lisa (Arty-Pharty) http://www.arty-pharty.blogspot.com/
Friday Oct 31st Bobbie http://alteregodezignz.blogspot.com/
Saturday Nov 1st Lisa http://lisabitsandbites.blogspot.com/
Sunday Nov 2nd Kels http://kels-kreations.blogspot.com/
Monday Nov 3rd Charly http://countryhollowscraps.blogspot.com/
Tuesday Nov 4th Kimmies Kreations http://kimmieskreations.blogspot.com/
Wednesday Nov 5th Cathy AKA Nip http://nipscreations.blogspot.com/
Thursday Nov 6th Natasha http://www.mommykarkar.com/wordpress/
Friday Nov 7th DesignsByNicole http://builtbybeth.blogspot.com/
Saturday Nov 8th Yolanda http://atag4you.blogspot.com/
Sunday Nov 9th Sharon Becker http://sharonbeckercreations.blogspot.com/
Monday Nov 10th Lisa http://lisabitsandbites.blogspot.com/
Tuesday Nov 11th Bobbie http://alteregodezignz.blogspot.com/
Wednesday Nov 12th Angelique http://www.digitalembellishments.blogspot.com/
Thursday Nov 13th Lacy http://lacyclagg.blogspot.com/
Friday Nov 14th Lisa (Arty-Pharty) http://www.arty-pharty.blogspot.com/
Saturday Nov 15th BuiltByBeth http://builtbybeth.blogspot.com/
Where you see a designer twice or more this means

they will be sharing something again on that day.
You may want to go over to LCTUBESTORE
take a look at some of the fantastic items for sale over there.
Have fun on the train,
Choo Choo


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