12 November 2008

LCTS Essay Contest

Ready for a Contest???
This is a Web Wide Contest so please share with any and all groups,sites,blogs,ect that you want to or that will allow you to do so. Please keep all info intact when sharing this contest.
We would love to spread the word and make more people aware of correct copyrights.
This Contest will run from now until Nov. 28
Winners will be contacted by email and announced No Later than Dec. 2
This is an Essay Contest!
What is the subject? Copyright of course!!!
In 500 words or less, tell us what Copyright means to you.
The more detailed, the better. You may want to include info such as:
Have you always been copyright compliant?
Have you ever had to tell someone they weren't using copyrights correctly or that they needed to add copyrights?
What was their response?
How do you feel about those who disrespect the copyright laws?
Do you support artist decision to go PTU?
Be creative, the above is just an example of what you may want to include....you can get as detailed as you'd like. Tell us about personal experiences or your feelings about copyrights. Please do not include any group names, screen names or real names in your entry. Your entry will only be read by the judges and will not be shared anywhere! The judges are artists/photographers/scrapkit designers from LCTS who also volunteered to give prizes in the contest.
1st Place Winner: $5 GC from Lacy Clagg, 2 Photo Packs of choice from Jenny, 1 Scrapkit from Sharon, 1 Scrapkit from MoMo, 3 Scripts from Beth
2nd Place Winner: $2 GC from Lacy Clagg, 1 Photo Pack of choice from Jenny, 1 Scrapkit from MoMo, 2 Scripts from Beth
3rd Place Winner: Photo Pack of choice from Jenny, 1 Script from Beth, 1 Scrapkit from MoMo
After above winners have been chosen the other entries will be entered into a random drawing to win 1 Scrapkit from Sharon Becker.
(Designers reserve the right to limit the winning prizes to certain priced kits/scripts and/or allow the winners to choose their prizes from preselected kits/scripts. The prizes are awarded at the Designers discression)
A Huge Thank you to all the designers who came together in the prize pool
(Lacy Clagg,Jenny Parson,Sharon Becker,Mone'ica Slane and Beth Turner)
Entries must be emailed to contest@lctubestore.com
Please put Copyright Essay in the subject line or else your entry may get lost.


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