16 March 2009

CHS is looking for.....

Country Hollow Scraps Store is looking for 3 or 4 Designers
who are willing to help us run our Digi Forum/Gallery
We are trying to build it up as a great place to have fun in,
for our store designers and outside Designers to come for
infomation,post sales,Post new products,have challenges and so on,
But we need help as we are swamped most of the time and cant get all this going alone,
We would like to have our members post challenges of there own,have fun and games prizes and so on,
These dutys will be split up between all 3 new Mods an some will be shared.you will only get a certain amout for oyurself so dont let all these scare you these are not for just one person they will be split up.
Help running of the forum,Watching for spam and deleting it and banning members who are posting spam,adding tutorials,adding posts of intertest,helping members when they need it,advertising the forum/Gallery and Challenges and such in ad groups and to incruite members,making boards of interest if we dont have them,
Posting in the comments in the Gallery,posting stuff in the gallery of yours to promote you as well as posting stuff on sale or new products from designers of our stores to promote us as a whole for the 2stores/forum/gallery,Contributing to the monthly collab and monthly cu grab bag you only need to do the cu grab bag only if you make cu products. help run our monthly collab and CU Grab Bag meaning picking the theme/color swatch setting deadline and posting when and where the next one willbe setting it all up we will however collect the zips and set them up for download in the store.Making banners/blinkies for the forum gallery and stores if you know how of course,keeping the store blogs updated as you see fit,adding to and taking from when needed.And some more dutys but will discuss it all when you apply.

What you get for being Our Forum Moderators
In Return if your a designer at one of our stores you would get 100 percent profit minus only paypal fees.
If your not a designer and want to apply for the position you would have to become a designer at one or both of our stores www.digitalscraphouse.com and www.countryhollowscraps.com
we will waive set up fees for both stores,you would get 100 percent profit in the store you sell at if you apply for both you will get 100 percent profit at both all you would pay for were paypal fees out of your pay.you will also get a coupon for my products for free (charly country hollow creations) thats all my products all prior to and future products only ones excluded would be any type of services.And you would also a coupon from Addies Designs for all her present and future product excluding services for free . alsoThey will be other incentives we can talk about apon applying.
Our Forum is located at

you will need to apply at the forum/Gallery before sending us a email and when sending your email please let us know what you signed up with for a username.you dont need to apply for a designer postition before applying for the forum mod postition but if your choosen than you would need to appy as a designer.If you dont wanna become a designer for anouther store we can dicuss other insentives but not sure what they would be as of yet,if you have any ideas you would like other than becoming a designer please let us know in your application.
Include in your application
your name
designer name
links to your stores/ct teams your on,
links to your sites/blogs
Have oyu done something like this before if so what and for who?
a little bio about yourself.
Email to send applications to is getcreative@countryhollowscraps.com

please put Forum/Gallery Help Call in subject line


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