21 March 2009

Do you love blog trains?

do you love blog trains?
if so theres one stopping here soon

Spring Fever Blog Train info found HERE

so you can either join the blog train OR
snag from the 33 contributors so far!!

What Are Blog Trains You Ask?

A Blog Train is a Bunch of Designers who come
together and make a kit each designer makes there own,
you will be givin a color swatch and theme to go by,
Once the day comes for the train to depart you post on your
blogs and or websites the annoucement that train has departed
,along with your portion of the train with your preview and download
link and the list of names of the other designers who are contributing
to the train so they know where to go to get the other goodies.
My trains i sponsor i ask that you leave your download links active
for 30 days from the date the train departs as that gives everyone
time to download there goodies,after the 30 days you may sell your
kit or protion anywhere you like but not prior to the 30 days.
Each designer makes a scrapbooking kit. Each designer decides
how many or few papers and elements they want to make.
It can be a simgle Item To a Mega Kit Commercial Use Personal use
whatever you may like.But remember they need to be free thats what
Blog Trains Are For.Each designer is responsible of posting their free kit
on May 1st and of course the list of other participating designers.
Please Post this info and pass this info on to your ad groups,
forums your in,groups your a member of and any friends and such
as this is a open Train everyone is welcome to join,the Bigger the
Train the more fun it is for the Train Riders to go from Blog To Blog
to Grab The Goodies.


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