27 April 2009

I'm so upset!!

sorry havent posted a winner yet!
(will post tomorrow if thats ok)

ive been upset all day,cos my
cat snuggles went missing on thursday 23rd!

and today we found out he was hit by a car!
had to get him from council and scanned him,
(he was micro chipped)
then we had to bury him today!!

so upset as he was my baby,he was 1 and half yrs old!
and always such a fuss pot,love all the fuss he cud get,
and always was in and out the house all day long,he loved
to be near me,bought me dead mice n bird,ewwwww
but i loved him, i have another cat just a yr old and he
kept trying to take blanket off snuggles and trying to get
him to fuss him! he always snuggled up to him and snuggles
always let him sleep with him and looked after him like a parent!
far cry when we bought him home, snuggles didnt like him at first,lol
i'm going to miss my baby,and it hurts too much without him being
around me all day! dont know how im going to cope!

Rest in peace Snuggles
5th Nov. 07 - 23rd April 09


JennyZ DreamZ 27 April 2009 at 22:08  

Oh hun I'm so very sorry about your cat. That is so sad and I'm sure it is very hard to cope with. You're in my thoughts hun.

DezignsByAmanda 28 April 2009 at 15:10  

Awww...he's such a cutie. So sorry to hear about your loss. My husband brought home a tiny kitten that almost got hit on his way to work. I had her so spoiled and she was a gorgeous kitten. After we had her a while she got really sick. I bottle fed her, bathed her, everything I could for her and it saved her life, but did stunt her growth. About 3-4 weeks later, she got so sick again, and all of my hard work just wasn't enough this time. She died in my lap this time. Hoping you find a way to cope with your loss, losing a pet is always a horrible thing!

Dianna 28 April 2009 at 16:07  

I'm sorry to hear about your furbaby. I know what it's like to loose one. I worry about mine all the time, although they're both pretty street wise. Take your time to grieve hun, it's totally understandable.

crafterab 14 May 2010 at 12:09  

So sorry to hear about Snuggles. He was a precious little furball!

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