16 May 2009

Update on myself

an update on myself,well as you know i had
the flu really bad,had it for 3 weeks!

then my dearly beloved cat went missing
and we found out he got ran over and died,
so we had to bury him :o(

then on wed 13th at 5.30pm i had surgery on my wrist!
Carpal Tunnel, the surgeon said was one of the worst he'd seen!
so i'm hoping to get to some kind of normallity very soon!
it really hurts to try to type,my hand is really bruised and
swollen! so i'm trying to use that hand as much,but trying to keep
movement in it! thats the hard bit cos it hurts everytime i try!

so wanted to say thank you for your patience,and thank you for all the
well wishes! love you all!!


Designed by K 16 May 2009 at 11:23  

aww Sharon, I hope you recover soon..I can imagine that is just so painful :( I'm sorry to hear of your loss as well, pets are so much a part of our family..keeping you in my thoughts sweetie..xoxo K

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