31 May 2010

Call for all designers/store owners

Here is a request below from a fellow designer!
i have joined this worthy cause!
Hello fablous designers ,

Please take the time 2 read.
I am in need of some help so i just ask .
Every year we have in the netherlands, the house of glass a few days before cristmas
it is really big 3 dj are goin in a house of glass for 5 days they may not eat and have 2 drink smoothies from fruit and vegtebals that are really bad some times
they also will not sleep very much because the have 2 play song requist for money this is how it starts .
But every year it went bigger and bigger !
Now there are al ready 5 country,s
with a house of glass in the netherlands
i lot of people make action 2 collect money it is 24 hours a day on tv
and ready many people are going 2 the house 2 support the dj
we all will unit for a better world .
This year the house will be in my home town and i wanne do something special
so this is wear i can need youre help :P
i wanne make a huge collob kit that will be sell in diffrent stores
from aug till nov the theme of the kit will be a fairytail for a better world .
all the money we will collect with this kit is gone 2 the glass house .
why i think this is very special because it will be a collab
from people over the whole world
i already have one store where i can sell the kit
3 designers and one creative member
but thats not enough the deu date for this kit is 29 of juli
so it can be in store the first of august
So if you are a designer and can miss a few min of hours
2 make at least 2 papers and one element i will be very happy
if you are a creative member and want 2 make 1 or 2 qp with this kit
i will be very happy 2
One of the days the glass house is in Eindhoven i will make a video review
fr you where you can see i bring the money 2 the house .
All the money that the dj are collect are going 2 the red cross
an organisation that is active in the whole world .
so here is 2 color palett .
If you wanne join just send me a pm or a email on
Thanx you for taking the time 2 read
you can find her blog HERE


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