29 June 2010

I Need Help Plz......

i need some help,im re-making one of my blog, its a tutorial blog,
and ive decided just to dedicate it just to
scrapbooking tutorials,all the things i know how to make
im goin to do a tutorial for it!
so i need help naming the blog!
all i came up with was *Sharon Beckers Scrapbooking Tutorials* LOL
for ur help,
the name i pick wins one of my items from my store!
you can choose a template,or a psp script,
or a scrapkit, or a cu4cu item,or a grab bag, ur choice!
please leave the name of blog you think wud
best suit me in comments or in chatbox!


Tyger 29 June 2010 at 16:38  

How about "Sharon's Scrapping Secrets"

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